Procedure for Election of Directors and President

Election of Board members (Sect. V. Bylaws)

1.  October:

Nomination of Directors: The President will appoint a four-person nominating committee consisting of two Directors and two members who are not Directors.  The Committee Chair shall be a Director.

The committee shall nominate at least one candidate per vacancy for the Directors positions, which expire on March 31 the following year.

2.  January-March:

Election of Directors:  Two Directors positions expire annually at the end of March, beginning in 2014.  The President shall call an election during a monthly meeting, i.e. January-March each year to elect/re-elect Directors.  The members attending the meeting may nominate candidates in addition to those selected by the nominating committee.  The three-year Term of Office for a Director begins on April 1, annually.

Note: When a Director cannot complete a three-year term for any reason, an election to fill out the remaining years of the term shall be held in conjunction with the regular election of board members.

 Election of President (Section IV. Bylaws)


The President shall call a Board of Directors meeting to select a President-elect.

During the meeting the Board of Directors shall elect a President who will assume office on April 1. It is desirable but not required that a current Board of Directors member is elected to the office of President.

Only Board members who were duly elected by the members shall vote for the office of President.  This excludes officers such as Secretary and Treasurer who are appointed by the President from voting for the office of President unless such officer is currently serving a three-year term as an elected Director.


Officers shall be appointed by the President-elect to commence a term of office in April.  This includes the following officers: Vice President, Secretary, Membership Secretary(s), and Treasurer.


The President-elect and the appointed officers begin a one-year term of office. The appointed officers shall serve on the Board of Directors with voting rights except for the election of President.

Note: The Bylaws do not limit Directors or Officers from serving consecutive terms.

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