How do I get my picture in the club Directory?


When you registered for membership in the club, you saw the field “Upload Your Picture for Directory.” You may not have uploaded a picture since the field is not required.

Even though you may not have uploaded a picture when you registered, you can now. We urge you to do so since it helps other members know who you are at club meetings and socials.

Log into the website and go back to the Registration page. You will see the information you previously filled out. Find the field and press “Choose File.” That will take you to a file browser on your computer. Locate the file and select it. Now you will see the file name beside the button.

It is not yet uploaded. You must press “Submit” or “Update” to upload the file.

A thumbnail of your picture will now appear in the directory. The directory is private and may be seen only by members who are logged in.

If you indicated you have a spouse, you will see a second field to upload his/her picture.

Shooting a Picture

Modern smart phone pictures are fine but there are a few things that will make your picture better. While you may want a wide angle shot of you on your motorcycle, that won’t work for the Directory.

We need a head and shoulders picture with the head centered in the frame. The head size should pretty much fill the frame in a horizontal format. Leave a little space above the head and include the shoulders, which will give a little space below the chin.

Why should the head be centered? The website software makes the thumbnail that appears in the directory automatically and it makes it from the center of the frame.

How Do I Put a New Picture in the Directory?

Women’s hair styles change. Men’s beards grow on and are cut off. Maybe you have a new scar from a knife fight on your cheek that you want to show off. Remember your picture should look like you.

It’s easy to change. Just upload another picture following the procedure above.

What File Format should the Picture Be?

It should be a .jpg file.

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