Conversation with Gene Grider

Wayne Garrison interviews Gene Grider about the early days in our club. The interview is an important part of our history.

2 thoughts on “Conversation with Gene Grider

  1. Mike Williams

    Wayne and Jim thanks for taking the time to do the interview. Gene and I were friends back in the 70’s when Mamie and I were Indy club members. I just paid him a visit and talked a good hour about old times. He also used to fly a Piper Cub. Gene, Jim Wynings and Pop kept me supplied with used parts for my custom BMW ventures back in the Aircooled days. He method for checking the aerdynamics on his then state of the art Swift fairing was surely unique.

  2. Margie Ledgerwood

    Awesome interview. Thank you to Gene for sharing with the club and to Wayne and Jim for this piece of history on “The Indianapolis BMW Club”.

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