2017 Fall Paynetown Campout

September 15, 2017 – September 17, 2017 all-day
Paynetown Recreation Area
Paynetown State Recreation Area
4850 IN-446, Bloomington, IN 47401
Wayne Garrison
C: (317) 201-4952

For those who have not attended a Paynetown campout I thought I would give you a little information as to what to expect. The campground is located in the Paynetown state recreation area located on Lake Monroe. It is 6.5 miles south of Bloomington In. on highway 446.
You can arrive as early as noon on Friday. One reason we like using Paynetown is that it is close enough to allow families to attend. It also allows people to come down in cars to bring more creature comfort items. Kids are more than welcome to come; other members will be bringing kids. After all, it is a family membership.

When you enter the park there is a $7.00 charge to get into the park. Once you are in the park, you may enter and leave using your camp site pass. You do not have to go to the campground office to pick up a site tag. I will have the site tags to hand out. Each site tag will cover two motorcycles when leaving and entering the park. The gate people usually just wave you on through. Each site can occupy two tents, and up to 6 people. Showers and restrooms are located within 20 yards of the camp site. I always try to reserve the campsites so we will be able to camp as a group.
See map below.


We are not really required to camp on the exact numbered site. You may camp anywhere you wish with in the reserved sites. We usually move picnic tables together for a group fire ring. Ice, firewood, drinks, and food type stuff are available at the camp store. The store opens at 7 or 8 in the morning and has coffee. One or two miles north of the entrance on HWY 446 are two restaurants. The closest one is the Scenic View, lots of good food, and they do have carry out.
They also have a great selection of beer on tap.


The second one is the Log Cabin restaurant and lounge, THIS ONE SELLS BEER, but may be limited on selection.

The Trailhead-Market and Noshery (yes I had to look it up too).
This place will deliver pizza, subs, and salads.


The campout cost is $22.83 per tent for 1 or 2 nights, payable to me; I have paid the reservation fees. No food or drinks are included in the camping cost.
When you arrive you may want to check to see if fire wood or ice may be needed for the group, as wood and ice is a group cost type of thing. On Saturday there may be group rides, but at this point I personally don’t have any rides planned. There is always an option to do some zip line runs at Explore Brown County, just south of Gnaw Bone, IN. They are located on Mt Liberty road 2 miles south of Gnaw Bone.

If you have questions please feel free to call me 317-201-4952.
Wayne Garrison

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