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Interesting packing container

I found the above link today. I measured the length of the BMW GSA sidecar and it is exactly 17 inches so this would fit. But then where would I put Dutch ovens?


Tent Camping

Instead of a hammer I use a pair of vice grips to hammer in my tent stakes and to pull them as well.

The vice grip is really a multiple use tool and a bit lighter than a hammer. They could be used as pliers, a temp handlebar, footpeg, clamp or a camera mount. Infinite uses compared to a hammer.


When I pack for a 3 day trip or a 2 month I pack my cloths the same.

I carry 3 clean pairs of socks, underwear, and tee shirts, that along with the set I am wearing means I have 4 days of riding Then I when I stop for the night I find a motel with laundry facilities,

I put on swimming trunks and washing the entire bundle. The next morning I start out with 4 days of clean cloths.

The socks and underwear are placed on the tee shirt and then rolled up into a slim cylinder, this allows for much better packing. This also allows me to grab one cylinder and off to the show I go.

My dirty clothes are either placed in a zip lock bag to identify the dirty from the clean or turned inside out.