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December 2016 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The December meeting also is traditionally the Annual Christmas Party of the Indianapolis BMW Motorcycle Club.

As in the last several yeas the Party was hosted by Tracy and Galen Reinholt. The meeting was very well attended, and the assembly was treated to a sumptuous buffet featuring Jay’s fried Turkey and ham. Many great appetizers, deserts and side dishes were enjoyed.

President Margie Ledgerwood called the meeting to order after dinner. She thanked Tracy and Galen for hosting again this year and thanked Sam and Jay Beery for assisting in the endeavor. Continue reading

November 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The November 2015 meeting of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis was hosted by Joe and Kelly Hochdeffer and held at Roselli’s Pizza at Zionsville.

After attendees enjoyed a pizza and salad buffet, President Ledgerwood called the business meeting to order at 3:00 PM. The following announcements were made:

  • The Christmas Party meeting will be held at the Reinholt’s again this year on December 5 at 5:00 PM. Deep fried Turkey will be served; please register on the club web site so the hosts have a head count. There will be a White Elephant gift exchange.  Jonathan Fishburn requested no more photographs of this correspondent be gifted.
  • The January 2016 meeting will be hosted by Margie Ledgerwood, Mooresville, on January 23 at 1:00 PM.  This is very important meeting as we will elect two Directors to expiring positions on your Board.  The current Board will also meet that day to elect the President for 2016-17.
  • The Annual Awards Banquet will be held at the Banquet Hall, “The Palms,” in Plainfield on February 13, 2016.  Cost to attend is $35.00 per person. There will be many valuable door prizes, a cash bar and new surprises this year.  You are encouraged seek gift certificates from your favorite vendor to donate to the door prize pool.
  • Dues are to be paid before January 1.  Dues may be paid by check sent to the treasure or paid online at our web site by PayPal or credit card.  Members paying dues on time will be entered in a drawing. The winner will recoup the cost of dues which is 25.00 per year.

Dennis Shelly, of the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors, encouraged members who are interested in serving to contact board members so they might be nominated to serve in the Board of Directors.  He asked that anyone who wishes to serve as President do the same. The election of President will take place on January 23, 2016.

The business meeting was adjourned at 3:25.  Attendees enjoyed deserts on the provided buffet.

Bob Conley, Secretary

September 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The BMW Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis held its Monthly Meeting at the home of Harold Patterson on September 19, 2015.

Succulent Brats, simmered in Miller’s finest, onions and peppers, then grilled to perfection were served and enjoyed along with a host of deserts, sides and Margie’s warm, hot dip.

President Ledgerwood called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM, and then made the following announcements:
• The deadline to submit Club Logo concepts is the end of the month. Details are on the club website.
• Scott and Christi Reynolds will host the next meeting of the club on October 11 at 12:30 PM. Please see the website for registration and location information.
(The secretary sends regrets due to the conflicting date for The Vintage Motorcycle Classic at Barber Motorsports Park)
• The Hoosier Beemers Club will host its rally at North Vernon on September 25-27.
• The BMW RA national Rally will be held Woodland Park, in Harrison, Arkansas on October 1-3.
• The Falling Leaf Rally will be held at Potasi, Missouri on October 9-11.

Harold was thanked and ardently applauded by the assembly.

There being no further news from those in attendance the business meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM.

A bonfire was set ablaze and spiritually enjoyed until the late hours by most of the attendees under a clear, starry sky.

Bob Conley, Secretary

August 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

These minutes were produced from notes taken by Vice President Wayne Garrison who presided over the meeting. Your secretary was absent on the road in the Smokey Mountains.
Johnathon Fishburn and Angela hosted the meeting at the picnic area near the Monroe Reservoir Dam.

After thanking Johnathon and Angela, and the those in attendance Wayne made the following announcements pertaining to upcoming events:
-Harold Patterson will host the next monthly meeting on September 19. He is planning a bonfire. Please RSVP on the website if you are able to attend.
-The Beemers in the Bluegrass Rally will be held on September 11-13.
-The fall campout for the club at Paynetown will be held on September 18-20. Please sign up on website or contact Wayne Garrison.
-The Hoosier Beemers Rally at North Vernon Will be held on September 25-27.
-The BMW RA national rally will be held in Harrison, Arkansas on October 2-4 at the Boone County Fairgrounds.
-The Falling Leaf Rally in Potosi, MO will be held on October 9-11.

Galen Reinholt brought membership name tags to hand out, some were taken by Wayne and Mike Williams to distribute.

VP Garrison again thanked Johnathon and Angela for hosting and adjourned the meeting.
Robert Conley, Secretary

Monthly Meeting Minutes-June 2015

On the Summer Solstice Barb and Dennis Shelly hosted a well attended meeting of the Club at their home in Fishers. The main entry at lunch was great barbeque complemented by many pitch-in sides and deserts.
President Ledgerwood opened the meeting at 3:10 PM.
Guests, additional Shelly’s, were introduced and upcoming events were announced.
These included:
• Due to the MOA national rally there will be no monthly meeting in July.
• The Club will be sponsoring a tent for use by members at the National in Billings, MT.
• Attendees to the MOA National, should complete the on-line registration on our clubs web-site to help us watch out for one another during the voyage and stay at the rally. (this does not replace the need to register with the BMW-MOA to attend the rally)
• The next triathlon we are supporting will be on June 27 at Morse Park. If you can volunteer to help, contact Rich Nathan via the club site or direct e-mail.
(Bill Currier, Richard Peterson, and Bob Conley worked the Sprint Triathlon at Eagle Creek yesterday.)
• Andy Clark is in rehab in Illinois. Keep him in you thoughts and prayers during recovery.
• Mike Williams announced that he spoke to Dallas Peak recently. He will be returning to work on July 1. Great news Dallas.

There being no New Business, President Ledgerwood, thanked the Shelly’s for hosting the meeting and adjourned. Guests were invited to linger.

Bob Conley, Secretary

May 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Cindy Fort and Webb Bernhardt hosted a well attended meeting at their home near Martinsville. The pitch in contributions were great complementing Germany’s wurst and kraut prepared by the hosts.
After the introduction of new members and guests, President Ledgerwood made several announcements of upcoming events. These include the upcoming meeting scheduled for June 21 at the home of Dennis and Barb Shelly. Members were reminded of the “Third Thursday Ride” from Shapiro’s which will be on June 20 this month. This is a good time for groups of members to gather for a Saturday afternoon tour.
The Iowa Rally, was mentioned which will be held on June 11-14. See club calendar for details. Jim Thatcher will be there for sure. Maybe he can glut on some of the Amana Colony table-fare to increase his ballast.
The MOA rally at Billings, MT will be held July 23-26. The club will be funding an assembly tent. Wayne Garrison asked that those attending complete the form on our club website to facilitate mutual assistance if warranted. Rick Nelson recommended early arrival, enjoy the set-up show. (Free lodging and showers for a couple days, eh Rick)
Rich Nathan spoke about the upcoming Triathlons scheduled for June 20. The club will be ferrying officials at two events that morning. We will need three bikes at each event. Watch for e-mail and web site announcements and volunteer if you have the time and confidence to haul officials to observe the bicycle phase of these events.
President Ledgerwood gave an update on the recovery of Andy Clark, and thanks members who have donated time and/or money to the family.
She reminded attendees to submit recommendations for a new modern logo for the club.
There being no additional business, Margie thanked Webb and Cindy for hosting the meeting and adjourned the meeting.

Bob Conley, Secretary

April 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the home of Mamie and Mike Williams on Sunday April 26. Many club members and friends of the Williams attended the event. The spread of food was outstanding thanks to the hosts and contributing members.

Following lunch, President Margie Ledgerwood opened the meeting by thanking Mike and Mamie and making the following announcements:

  • Webb Bernhart and Cindy Fort will host the May meeting. Please check the club web site calendar and register for the event.
  • The MOA mileage contest has begun. Rick Hansen is tracking club member’s miles. Members are encouraged to enter and provide Rick with their starting mileage.
  • The triathlon season has begun. (the first one was this morning at Carmel) Please support our triathlon coordinator Rich Nathan.
  • The Paynetown Campout is on May 8-10. Please contact Wayne Garrison if you have questions. Wayne interjected there were about 35 currently registered.
  • The Georgia Mountain Rally is on May 1-3.
  • The European Bike Riders Rally is on May 15-17 in Burkesville, KY. (we hope to win the attendance award again this year)
  • The third Saturday ride from Breakfast at Shapiros was a success this month and will depart next month from Shapiros as well as the Burkesville, KY City Park.
  • Andy Clark is recuperating from his recent accident at the Rehab Center at 38th and I-465. He is making progress. His family extends appreciation for your thoughts and prayers.
  • Dallas Peak has returned home from the hospital and on the mend.
  • Dennis Shelly is also doing well on the mend at home.

Under new Business, Therisia Shearer announced the rules for adopting a new updated club logo. The guidelines will be published on the web site. Members are encouraged to submit recommendations before September 1, 2015. A committee will choose three examples to be considered by the Board of Directors.  Therisia also mentioned that the Shearer’s will be attending the rally at Cass, WV, May 22-24.

President Ledgerwood again thanked the Williams for hosting the event.

Many attendees lingered for hours, several taking rides in vintage and acrobatic aircraft. No one lost their lunch in flight while the undersigned was present, a remarkable accomplishment Mr. Fishburn.

Prepared by Bob Conley, Secretary


March 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The March 2015 monthly meeting of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis was held at the home of Theresia and Archey Shearer.

After a great pitch in meal with sliders and drinks provided by the host/club, President Jay Beery called the meeting to order at 3:10 PM. The content of the meeting consisted of various announcements made by Wayne Garrison, Margie Ledgerwood and Andy Clark.

Wayne discussed the club sign up procedure for the RA Rally, the Paynetown Campout, and the European Bike Rally. Secretary’s Note: please refer to the calendar and announcements on this web site for detailed information.

Margie Ledgerwood, reminded the attendees about the rides leaving Shapiro’s after breakfast on the third Saturday each month. Secretary’s Note: If you want to lead a ride out of Shapiro’s you could post your intention on the web site and/or yahoo list by Friday afternoon to generate interest.

Dennis Shelly announced he will soon be selling his Mini Cooper. Any interest, contact Dennis.

Mike Williams urged everyone to attend the monthly meeting at his house on April 25. Registration on the web site is requested so the right amount of pork loins may be smoked for lunch.

Andy Clark announced the Tag game is on again this year with official start of April 1

The 2015 Mileage Awards are ready for delivery. If you have yet to receive yours, make arrangements with Wayne Garrison the Mileage Committee Chair. Secretary’s note: Awards are nice and practical, electronic tire pressure gauges, with engraved award plate affixed.

There being no further announcements future former President Beery Closed the meeting.


Bob Conley, Secretary

January 2015 minutes

Thanks to Galen Reinholt for taking these minutes; sorry for the late posting.

Club Meeting Minutes: January 24, 2015

Jay Beery opened meeting by thanking Margie for hosting the meeting

Board of Directors:

The names of the BOD nominees were given to the membership to vote on to fill the three open positions on the board as of April 1, 2015. The nominees are:

  1. Jay Beery
  2. Joe Hochderffer
  3. Lina Rifai


Jay asked if any other members present would like to be included on election ballet. No takers

Club membership voted all three nominees in with their terms beginning April 1, 2015.

Next, Jay informed everyone present that the Board of Directors voted Margie Ledgerwood to become President of the Club with Wayne as the Vice President beginning April 1st.

Wayne & the club discussed the following: mileage with the club

The will be a high mileage rider plaque at the dealership. Our highest mileage rider’s name will be added each year.

Ring binder at dealership that club members can put children appropriate motorcycle related photos in. A member suggested asking dealer if we could install a video display in lieu of the 3 ring binder to attract people to the area to check out the club more easily than a binder. Club will follow up.

Dealership has rented booth at Indy motorcycle show for the club. Club members needed for volunteering to staff the booth. Contact Wayne if interested.

Club members were reminded to check website for upcoming rallies and events.

Banquet: Up to 42 attendees. Club committed to 60 so please consider.

2015 Monthly meetings: Hosts were found for all monthly meetings, except for October.

Send Doug Johnson email regarding the month you’ve chose to host so Doug can get it on the website.

Reminder regarding monthly rides on the 3rd Saturday of every month during riding season leaving from Shapiros.

Minutes prepared by: Galen Reinholt, acting Secretary, for Bob Conley

Monthly Meeting Minutes, September 2014

The meeting was held at the home of Harold Patterson.  Approximately 40 members were in attendance.  Great food was served and attendees thoroughly enjoyed the company and great weather.  Several stayed late into the evening to enjoy a nice bond-fire under a starry sky.

After Dinner, Vice President Jay Beery opened the meeting at 5:50 PM.  There was discussion about the consideration of amending the Bylaws of the Club.  The consideration of proposed amendments had been announced at the August 2014 meeting as well as the club web site in accordance with Section X of the bylaws which specifies the process for amending the document.

The Secretary gave a brief description of the changes and the reason for the changes.  Member Greg Miller voiced his objection to deleting the Honorary and Lifetime classes of membership.  He stated that these classes had been rarely used to honor service to the club by long standing members.  The Treasurer addressed the group advising that the CPA retained by the club to assist with the application to become approved as a non-profit social organization recommended suspension of these types of memberships.  The reason for the recommendation was that members of a non-profit organization should not receive a financial benefit and that these forms of membership create the appearance of financial gain as no dues are assessed to these classes of membership.

The Secretary stated that some members of the Board of Directors were disappointed that these traditional membership classes were going to be discontinued.  He stated that the Board could consider appropriate alternatives in the future.

Therisia Shearer moved that the proposed amendments be adopted and the motion was seconded.  Under discussion, Greg Miller stated he would have to oppose the motion due to the deletion of the Honorary and Lifetime membership classes.

The vote was taken.  The motion was approved by a margin of 31 to 1. This meets the quorum and majority requirements set forth in Article X of the Bylaws.  The vote included seven proxies submitted to the President.

Vice President Beery thanked the host and the meeting was adjourned by motion at 6:15 PM.

Note: The revised bylaws will be posted on the web-site.

Bob Conley, Secretary

Meeting Minutes, August 2014

The August 2014 Monthly meeting of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis was held at Falcone PowerSports on April 23rd.  The meeting was held in conjunction with the annual Club Swap Meet.

Employees of the Dealer were guests of the club for a light lunch.

Vice President Jay Beery called the meeting to order at approximately 1:00 PM.  General announcements were made pertaining to upcoming events including the Paynetown Campout, September 19-12, and the September 27th monthly meeting to be held at the home of Harold Patterson, near Stilesville.

Secretary Bob Conley announced that proposed amendments to the Bylaws will be submitted to the membership for vote at the next monthly meeting.  The proposed amendments were recommended by a CPA retained by the club in order to accurately describe the non-profit status of our club. The proposal will be announced posted on the club web site. If the required quorum is not present at the upcoming meeting the vote will be tabled till the first meeting of the membership when a quorum is present. (twenty voting members)

Following the announcements, the meeting was adjourned by Vice President Beery.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Conley, Secretary