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January 2018 Monthly Meeting Minutes/Board Member Election

The meeting was held at the home of President Margie Ledgerwood on January 27, 2018.

After a great lunch, with bean soups as the main event the meeting was called to order at 2:13 PM.

President Ledgerwood thanked those in attendance for coming and introduced new members present.

Dennis Shelley presented the nominating committee’s report for the office of Director. Two Directors three year terms expire on March 31st. The retiring Directors are Lina Rifai and Joe Hochderffer.  

The nominees for three-year terms commencing on April 1, 2018 were Sam Beery, Dave Zack and Bob Nevitt.

After ballots were passed out for the election of board members, President Ledgerwood announced that during the Board of Directors meeting earlier that afternoon, Joe Hochderffer was elected at the new President of the Club effective April 1, 2018.

After announcements and a pitch to volunteer to host a meeting, President Ledgerwood presented results of the election.

Sam Beery and Dave Zack were elected to serve three year terms on the board commencing April 1, 2018.

After further announcements regarding the Moto Expo and ABATE training, the meeting was adjourned at 2:45 PM.


Bob Conley, Secretary

December 2017 Meeting/Christmas Party Minutes

Theresia and Archie Shearer hosted the meeting at their home in Plainfield. There were 60+ members and guests in attendance.  Main courses for dinner included deep fried turkey and ham, with many sides and deserts which were pitched in by attendees. (love those cowboy beans) Thanks to Jay Beery for leading the “fry team.”

After dinner President Ledgerwood thanked the Shearers and recognized quests and new members.  Announcements followed: Continue reading

November 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The November 2017 meeting was hosted by Kelly and Joe Hochderffer at Roselli’s Pizza Parlor, Zionsville. 

President Margie Ledgerwood opened the meeting at 3:00 PM. After thanking Joe and Kelly for hosting the meeting guests and new members introduced themselves. This included Joshua, the baritone, Jim the base, and Dave the sport touring guy. Welcome! Continue reading

August 2017 Meeting Minutes

Sam and Jay Beery hosted the meeting on August 19, 2017 at their home.  The lunch served featured a great taco bar which was enjoyed by the many attendees. 

The business meeting was opened by President Margie Ledgerwood at 1:48 PM. After thanking Jay and Sam, guests were introduced. Neighbor Chris, a prospective member, told the group about his motorcycling experience.

The following announcements were made:

The September meeting will be hosted by Harold Patterson at 5:00 PM on September 23rd. There will be a campfire and camping on site will be permitted. 

The October meeting will be hosted by Joe and Kelly Hochderffer on a date to be announced.  

Upcoming events include the  Springfield mile on Sept. 3 and the Whalen Wayne Weekend in Ohio on Sept 7-10. 

Our Club’s Paynetown Fall Campout will be held on September 15-17.  Attendees need to sign up on the club’s website or contact Vice President Wayne Garrison at their earliest convenience. 

The Hoosier Beemer Rally will be held at North Vernon, IN on September 22-24.

Following announcements, Dennis Shelley provided an update on Barb’s recovery from back surgery. Slow but moving in the right direction.

Sam Berry was wished a Happy Birthday, Sept. 29, and thanked again for hosting the meeting. (Also thanks to Jay, the designated lawn mower.)

The meeting was adjourned.  



June 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Your Secretary was unable to attend this meeting due to a previously scheduled trip. These minutes were prepared from notes provided by President Margie Ledgerwood.

The meeting was hosted by Cindy and Webb Bernhardt. After lunch the meeting was called to order at 2:13 PM. Margie thanked Cindy and Webb for opening their home to host the meeting.  She announced that the August meeting will be hosted by Sam and Jay Beery on a date to be announced.  As is customary there will be no July meeting due to the conflict with the BMW-MOA’s annual rally to be held at Salt Lake City, UT. 

New members Peter and Helen Mikoliatis were recognized. Retreads, Margies words, Steve and Irmi Burford were recognized as well.
The following announcements were made:

–The Club will pay costs to the limits budgeted for a Tent for the use of members attending the rally. Vice President Wayne Garrison advised there are 13 members who have stated intent to attend the rally and that he has reserved 16 sites for tents in the group camping area.

–The BMW-RA rally will be held in Michigan this year on July 6-9. 

–The first two Triathlons will be held on June 10 at Eagle Creek and June 24 at Morse Park.  We should provide 3-5 volunteers for each race.  Please intact Rich Nathan to volunteer

–Mike Williams is the Adventure Riders Coordinator. Please check the club website for up coming adventure rides.
Club news:
Barb Shelley accepting visitors.  She’s at the lake Clear Vista Rehab at 82nd and I-69.
Johnathon Fishburn and Angela welcomed a baby girl at 1:12 am.  Baby girl is doing well, but no name yet. (secretary’s note, should we have a naming contest?)
Sam and Julie Smith offered a gift certificate for a free stay at the Hunts Motorcycle Campgrounds near Tellico Plains TN.  Wayne Garrison volunteered to take the certificate is no one else wanted it.  

President Ledgerwood thanked Cindy and Webb again, and adjourned the meeting at 2:27 PM.

Bob Conley, Secretary

Monthly Meeting Minutes-April 2017

The meeting was held on April 1, 2017 hosted by Barb and Dennis Shelley at their home and was attended by more that forty members and guests.

After a great lunch featuring subs, side dishes and deserts President Ledgerwood opened the formal meeting.

After the introduction of guests Margie made the following announcements.

  • Mike and Mamie Williams will host the next meeting on May 6 starting at 11:00 AM. Please preregister on the web site or contact the host to facilitate planning.
  • There is no host for a June meeting. Please contact Margie if you are able to host in June.
  • Wayne Garrison is organizing the Spring Paynetown Campout. It will be held on May 12-14. Please register if you plan to attend.
  • The European Riders Rally, hosted by the Nashville, TN club will be held on May 18-21 in Burkesville, KY.
  • The Cass, WV rally will be held on weekend of May 26-28.

Andy Clark took the floor to discus the PhotoTag game hosted by the Club. The 2017 version commences on April 1. The state of Indiana is the boundary. PhotoTags will be active till tagged or a maximum of two weeks.

Vice President Wayne Garrison took the floor to make the following announcements:

The MOA mileage contests end/start on April 7, 2017. An event will be hosted by the club at Falcone Powersports on April 29 where you can turn in your mileage forms after authentication by two MOA members or MOA Ambassador Wayne.

There was a discussion about the National MOA rally. You may pregister on the club website so we may reserve an appropriate Charter Club campsite. Volunteers for rally registration are also needed; it is a fun time.

There was a drawing for two prizes.

The first was a membership to the BMW RA, which was won by Dr. Jim Brown.

The second was a free registration to the Burkesville Rally won by Mr. Bob Stewart, Esq.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:25 PM.

Bob Conley, Secretary

August 2016 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The August Meeting of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis was held at the Historic Propylaeum on N. Delaware Street.

A good turnout of over forty members attended the meeting.

After lunch Pulled Pork and sides, the meeting was called to order by President Margie Ledgerwood at 1:35 PM.  Margie thanked the hosts Diane Tolliver and Bob Conley.  She noted that no monthly meeting has been scheduled and that their were many conflicting activities including Labor Day weekend, (Springfield Mile); Beemers in the Bluegrass Rally, Sept 9-11; and theThe Paynetown Fall Campout, Sept 16-18.  Members were encouraged to register early for the Paynetown event on the website.

Margie briefed the attendees on member Steve Martin’s condition following an accident this past Monday morning.  Get well cards were signed by the attendees. Keep Steve in your prayers during his recovery; he was hit by another left turn in front of motorcyclist by a cager.

Any Clark commented on the success of the PhotoTag game this year.  He held an award drawing for participants. Dennis Shelly and Galen Reinholt won the June and July drawing.

Vice President Wayne Garrison thanked those who attended the recent National MOA rally in New York.  He cited Joe and Kelly Hochderffer for working on the First Aid committee. The next National will be held at Salt Lake City.

Margie again thanked Bob and Diane and adjourned the meeting at 1:50. Members lingered and enjoyed the house and conversation.

Bob Conley, Secretary