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Deb Lower

Just FYI

As we do during the January Indy club meeting the members vote for two board of directors. As we are a chartered club of the BMW Owners of America (#17) they do the same and are currently in the election process. (BIG JOE disclaimer: I would never tell any one how to vote!) I would like to make you aware that  the Indy BMW club has a member who is running for board of directors of the BMW Owners of America her name is Deb Lower. Deb now lives in Colorado but remains an Indy Member. Deb is very generous with her time having chaired in one capacity or another at every national rally since have joined the club. If you are a member of the MOA please  consider voting this year postage on the ballot is prepaid so all it costs is your time to mark the ballot. 

Stay safe

 Joe Hochderffer