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Be careful getting to Shapiro’s on November 5, 2016

This from conscientious non-member Greg Sickmeier—

You might what to put out a note to the BMW clan today about the marathon tomorrow morning.

There’s two events, the big one that skirts Shapiro’s (red) along McCarty St.
The short course (blue) comes up Meridian St. from Wilkins pretty much boxing Shapiros’s in.
I’m guessing they’ll have half of McCarty & Meridian open for traffic.
Advice is to skirt downtown on I-65/I-70 getting off at West/Missouri St exit (79B), go south to Morris St. east to Meridian St. north.
Just a head’s up and trying to be a conscientious non-member…:-)

Hidden Objects

As we grow older we lose muscle mass. That’s unfortunate but it’s a fact. My motorcycle pants seemed to get heavier and heavier. They are made of a abrasion resistant heavy fabric. As I put on my pants, I thought age might be catching up to me. Then there is the added p read more

Map apps for iOS

Relay is an interesting map app more for planning city visits than for motorcycle routes. $1.99.

inRoute is featured in the May 2016 BMW Owners News, p-22-23. It is for motorcycle routing but has limited waypoints for imported routes (for iOS only). Free.