iPhone/Cellphone Repair Information

Not exactly a motorcycle item. Hopefully iPhone/Cellphone users will not need a repair center. But if you do, as I did the other day, I found UZOOX Repair very cost effective with great service. 

Apple Store stated the delaminated screen from the iPhone base was not repairable. UZOOX Repair successfully replaced the delaminated screen ($40 less then Apple Store replacement price) with a two hour turnaround.

UZOOX Repair 317-863-8425

7035 E. 96th Street, Indianapolis

Full Disclosure-I have not been compensated for this advertisement!

One thought on “iPhone/Cellphone Repair Information

  1. Theresia Shearer

    Thanks for the sharing the info. I consider my cell phone a very important MC accessory, more so than that little tool pouch. So, sharing this info with club is a good thing.
    I just got a new phone because the screen repair was going to be over $200.00 and they weren’t even sure that would correct the problem. Of course, Verizon was delighted to tell me my phone was DOA.

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