Club President

Are YOU interested in being the next Club President?

Any active club member that is interested in self nominating for the January Club President election needs to do so before 6pm, January 7, 2017. You can self nominate in person or email to one of the current Board of Directors.
I’ve cut and pasted (from the Club website) the process for electing the Club President:

Election of President (Section IV. Bylaws)

The President shall call a Board of Directors meeting to select a President-elect.

During the meeting the Board of Directors shall elect a President who will assume office on April 1, 2017. It is desirable but not required that a current Board of Directors member is elected to the office of President.

Only Board members who were duly elected by the members shall vote for the office of President. This excludes officers such as Secretary and Treasurer who are appointed by the President from voting for the office of President unless such officer is currently serving a three-year term as an elected Director.

Duties of the Club President, Club Officers, Boards of Directors, and an over view of the Club operations can be found on the Club website.

see: Bylaws of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Indianapolis, Inc.Club