BMWMOA Summer Mileage Contest October 9th

Good morning,

The new MOA mileage contest format is nearing its first measurement point. The summer contest ends on Sunday October 9th,. The ending forms are in this Months ON magazine which arrived this week for many of us. Please write down your ending mileage and have the mileage and mileage form witnessed. I hope to have a turnin your mileage event at Falcone during the Swap Meet on October 22nd. More to come on that later.

Please review the new MOA rules as the winter riding contest starts Saturday October 8th as MOA members have choices about which mileage contest to enter this year with a choose your time period format. I believe you may only enter one however.

I hope to see everyone with their forms at Falcone Powersports on Saturday Oct 22nd. As I said anyone turning in their form to me that day, will be included in a drawing for a ride in one of the CISS gliders, with a commerical glider pilot ,at our field SE of Alexandria Indiana. The ride will be redeemable from April 2017 to Oct 2017