Hidden Objects

picture of contents of pants

As we grow older we lose muscle mass. That’s unfortunate but it’s a fact.

My motorcycle pants seemed to get heavier and heavier. They are made of a abrasion resistant heavy fabric. As I put on my pants, I thought age might be catching up to me.

Then there is the added problem of putting down a tool you just used in servicing your motorcycle and then not being able to find it again seconds later. My dad never had that problem. He seemed always to be able to find his tools when he needed them—unless I had used them.

I usually wash my mesh motorcycle jacket and pants once a year. I took everything out of the pockets and washed the pants. When I took them out of the washer, I heard something clank. Funny, I thought, I wonder what that sound is?

I shook the pants out straight and heard more noise. I started to explore what the cause might be. I found a hole in the bottom of the right pocket. Motorcycle pants have compartmentalized liners due to the protective pads in the knee area. I began to retrieve various objects from the liner through the hole in the pocket. I found $5.67 in change, a bolt, a 14mm wrench and a 10mm wrench and pieces of a ball point pen.

I remember looking all over the garage floor for the bolt. Now I know where my missing wrenches went. I never missed the ballpoint pen.

Tomorrow I pick up the pants from Dona’s Alterations. There will be a new seam at the bottom of the pocket.

One thought on “Hidden Objects

  1. Bob Conley

    Reality, stranger than fiction. You can exercise the muscle mass in body at the gym; what to do with that muscle in your skull?

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