Cycle fairing damage — need repair advice..


While loading my 1992 K100RS and strapping it onto my trailer one of the straps popped loose and the cycle fell on its side….:-(

The fairing is now cocked to the left/has a small crack — is my best bet Falcone for straightening?  I have a paint guy…

I have absolutely no experience having body work done on a cycle and would appreciate any advice you all can offer..


Kevin O’Neill

One thought on “Cycle fairing damage — need repair advice..

  1. Kevin ONeill Post author

    Not certain if this will work but thought I’d try to update for other’s info — Falcone does not perform repair work — they tried using Falcone’s body shop but the work quality was inferior. They now send repairs to a place in FL that does good work. I went to a painter that I have used previously and he is familiar with fairing repair work — he used to do a lot when the dealer was on Keystone and later on 54th ST (for those of you old enough to remember those days….).

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