BMWMOA 2016. Mileage contest

Good afternoon

Hopefully you read your ON Magazine and weighed your options for the 2016 Mileage contest. Indiana needs your participation to knock off a few other states!! 2015 we had 43 finishers in Indiana.

I had propsed a turning in your mileage event at the dealership. Gene is willing but we gave logistic issues. May 15th is the Paynetown camp out and May 8th is a nearby rally date

Therefore please turn in your forms to me, Dom, Dennis and Wayne prior to May 15th. Stop by the weekly breakfast at Shapiros and one us will take your completed forms. I will record everyone’s info and mail all the forms in I receive.

I am proposing to the board and Gene we have a turn in Your 2016 contest forms in October. I am proposing we have a drawing for anyone who brings in their ending form to the dealership that day. ( something nice to win!)

We always have fewer people turn in their ending forms than completing their starting form. So let’s see if this can change our numbers for 2016
Pass the word