GPS Screen Glare

Those of us who depend on GPS lament about glare from direct or reflected sunlight on the GPS screen obscuring the route information.  We have all held up a hand to shade the screen and some of us have purpose built shades over the device which could become injurious instruments in the event of a collision.  No doubt the time spent trying to view a glare compromised GPS screen reduces time spent viewing the road ahead which in turn compromises our safety.

This is why I was excited to find a product on the market, designed to address the glare problem. I read a very complementary review about NuShield Adhesive Film in the November issue of “Motorcycle Consumer News.

I purchased the DayVue version of this product and a screen cleaning kit at a total cost under $18.00.  The adhesive Film resembles a cell phone screen protector but has been designed to diffuse or otherwise reduce glare. I was able to order a film sized to fit the BMW Navigator 5.  If your model of GPS is not available you can buy an oversized film to cut to size.

Installation of the film was easy enough.  As for performance, the film works pretty well.  I would estimate it reduces the glare problem enough to enable viewing under most conditions without shading the screen.  It does not reduce all glare, so don’t get your hopes up.  I am satisfied that the device was worth the investment.  It did not seem to have any effect on the use of the touch screen on my Garmin made GPS.

You can order the NuShield Screen online go to

Bob Conley