2015 MOA Mileage Contest- The last word!

Good morning,

I collected a few more forms on Saturday and had a few more members report their mileage as they mailed their own in. I have checked the forms, signatures etc. One item that was frequently omitted is our MOA chartered club number which is #17. So if you are mailing your own in, please include that in the line for our club number I realize we have club members outside of Indiana but for this MOA contest they count you where your residence is. ( Sorry Rick and Deb!)

I have accounted for 30 members who have returned their form at this point or mailed in their own I have 14 members who started and are unaccounted for at this time.: I have run out of time to collect forms but you can still mail your own in to the MOA but it must be Nov 11th. If you have your ending mileage and are self reporting just drop me a note or I will see it in March when they publish the information in the MOA Magazine

MOA MILEAGE 2015 ending mileage October 2015
Thanks for participating