BMW MOA 2015 Mileage Contest Update

Good afternoon,

I still have a few weeks left to record and submit the BMW MOA 2015 Mileage contest forms from those of you who participated this spring. I have 8 forms at this point and I believe Wayne has a few more as well. I will be at Shapiros on the next two Saturdays to collect forms so that I can record and then mail all of the forms to MOA by the 11-11-2015 mailing deadline. If you mail your own in to MOA I would appreciate an email from you with your bike information and your ending mileage from Oct 11th.
If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a note or call me We had 43 members start the contest so I am hoping we still have everyone complete theirIMG_1371 form for this fun little event.


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