Check your helmet!

I started to clean my Nolan N-90 helmet in preparation for a trip. I noticed a hole where there should have been a small bolt. Another bolt on that side was in but loose. I checked the other side of the helmet and found three bolts and a plastic piece missing.

The function of these five small bolts was to secure the latch mechanism for the flip-top. Four of the five bolts were gone. I called Nolan and replacement parts are on the way but will not arrive before I leave on my trip. A Trip to the Do-It hardware store allowed my to fashion a fix until the Nolan parts arrive.

I encourage you to immediately inspect your helmet to see if all bolts are tight.

In my case, the flip top was still latching so I noticed nothing wrong. However, any serious stress would have surly popped the latch since it was really only latching on one side and by only 50 percent of the bolts on that side.

Of all the helmets I have owned, this has never happened before so I wasn’t used to checking for secure bolts. I will now and I hope you do too.

2 thoughts on “Check your helmet!

  1. Theresia Shearer

    Whoa, scary stuff! Wonder if that is a more common issue with flip up helmets? Could the opening/closing result in the bolts backing up. Would a dab of lock-tight, nail polis, silicone or white glue give it more resistance yet not interfere with the operation of the helmet?

    In the early years of full face helmets I had lost a few face shield bolts but never yet on my Arai full-face helmets.

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