BMW MOA Mileage Contest 2015

Good morning,

As Club minder of the odometer club, its time to remind everyone that the 2015 MOA Mileage Contest is coming to a close this weekend. ( MOA Not the BMWMCINDY contest!) The 2015 MOA mileage contest closes on Sunday October 11th, So put in a few more miles if you like and arrange to have your form completed and witnessed. If you started the contest and completed a form the only way to get the coveted participation pin is to complete the ending form. That way you can continue to add to your coveted collection of MOA Mileage Contest Pins ( who has the most?) Hopefully we can climb the participation ladder and pass a few other states this year.

The ending form is in the most recent edition of Owners News (ON) or you can also get the form on line from the BMWMOA website.

If you have questions please drop me a line or give me a call 701.799.8182

I will again be looking for volunteers to help collect forms as they do not have to be mailed in to MOA until November 1th. I will collect the forms , record the mileage and mail all the forms into MOA. If you mail in your own form I would appreciate an email with your BMW Model information and your ending mileage.