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Triathlon this weekend

Two triathlon events this weekend, Saturday at Cicero, and Sunday Downtown Indy.  For the new members, this involves providing escort for the race officials on the bicycle course.

Usually I notify everyone via the Yahoo Groups email-list, but there are some members who do not use or have access to this so this message is for those members who are not on the “chat” list.


Thanks, Rich Nathan


Thanks Mike!

Barb and I would like to thank Mike (Williams) for offering/making a hitch for the back of our sidecar to mount Barb’s wheelchair. During the June Club Meeting Mike heard me mention that Barb and I were leaving in a few days on a week trip. I mentioned that it would be advantageous to take the newly purchased wheelchair with us. The following pictures show the results of that conversation and Mike’s efforts.







Springfield Mile Flat Track Race

I will again be organizing a trip to the Springfield Mile on Labor Day Weekend. We generally travel to Springfield via US 36 on Saturday to attend the short track races that evening. After attending the Mile on Sunday afternoon we generally stay the evening and return home in the AM on Labor day. We stay at an old but comfortable travel lodge downtown.

If you would like to join the fun please contact me no later than July 24 so I may order tickets and make reservations. Tickets are reserved and we like to sit in a block in a great viewing location. There are no poor vistas at Springfield.

If you want to go, or have questions, contact me at

Bob Conley

Nemo Losi 2P Tent For Sale

Nemo Losi 2P like new Backpacking Tent, Footprint, Pawprint and Gear Caddy for sale. I used it two nights. New price total price is about $425, asking $260. It’s a very nice tent! Yes Judy I’m replacing it with the Solo Expedition Tent. Dennis Shelley 317-370-6712 or dashelley@sbcglobal.netNemoLosi2P

banner at MOA rally

If you have attended a MOA National Rally in the past few years you may have found the camping area by looking for the club banner.

This year I am taking a old banner, this banner was used in years gone by, but has been brought out of the archives by Martin Radtke.
You will find us inside the race track in the chartered club area, look for a canopy with the below banner on it.
I will also send out the coordinates once we get there.
Ride safe
See all you all in Billings.
Wayne Garrison

 club old banner