Daily Archives: June 22, 2015

Monthly Meeting Minutes-June 2015

On the Summer Solstice Barb and Dennis Shelly hosted a well attended meeting of the Club at their home in Fishers. The main entry at lunch was great barbeque complemented by many pitch-in sides and deserts.
President Ledgerwood opened the meeting at 3:10 PM.
Guests, additional Shelly’s, were introduced and upcoming events were announced.
These included:
• Due to the MOA national rally there will be no monthly meeting in July.
• The Club will be sponsoring a tent for use by members at the National in Billings, MT.
• Attendees to the MOA National, should complete the on-line registration on our clubs web-site to help us watch out for one another during the voyage and stay at the rally. (this does not replace the need to register with the BMW-MOA to attend the rally)
• The next triathlon we are supporting will be on June 27 at Morse Park. If you can volunteer to help, contact Rich Nathan via the club site or direct e-mail.
(Bill Currier, Richard Peterson, and Bob Conley worked the Sprint Triathlon at Eagle Creek yesterday.)
• Andy Clark is in rehab in Illinois. Keep him in you thoughts and prayers during recovery.
• Mike Williams announced that he spoke to Dallas Peak recently. He will be returning to work on July 1. Great news Dallas.

There being no New Business, President Ledgerwood, thanked the Shelly’s for hosting the meeting and adjourned. Guests were invited to linger.

Bob Conley, Secretary