Touring tip needed

What is the best way to put completely watersoaked waterproof gloves back on?

Wet tar snakes are also fun to play with, if you like snakes!

Is there a good waterproof non insulated leather glove?

2 thoughts on “Touring tip needed

  1. Wayne Garrison

    I have been using a pair of large rubber gloves over my mesh riding glove, that way I still what armor is in the mesh gloves, and the over gloves come on and off with the inner glove

  2. Jim Brown

    I bought some First Gear waterproof rain gloves and they are worthless. If your hands are damp, which is usually the case when you reach for rain glove, you can’t get them on. So if you put your gloves on when it is not raining, they work. If you take one off to adjust your iPhone and a few drops of rain get on your hand, forget trying to get that glove on again.

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