Daily Archives: June 6, 2015

May 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Cindy Fort and Webb Bernhardt hosted a well attended meeting at their home near Martinsville. The pitch in contributions were great complementing Germany’s wurst and kraut prepared by the hosts.
After the introduction of new members and guests, President Ledgerwood made several announcements of upcoming events. These include the upcoming meeting scheduled for June 21 at the home of Dennis and Barb Shelly. Members were reminded of the “Third Thursday Ride” from Shapiro’s which will be on June 20 this month. This is a good time for groups of members to gather for a Saturday afternoon tour.
The Iowa Rally, was mentioned which will be held on June 11-14. See club calendar for details. Jim Thatcher will be there for sure. Maybe he can glut on some of the Amana Colony table-fare to increase his ballast.
The MOA rally at Billings, MT will be held July 23-26. The club will be funding an assembly tent. Wayne Garrison asked that those attending complete the form on our club website to facilitate mutual assistance if warranted. Rick Nelson recommended early arrival, enjoy the set-up show. (Free lodging and showers for a couple days, eh Rick)
Rich Nathan spoke about the upcoming Triathlons scheduled for June 20. The club will be ferrying officials at two events that morning. We will need three bikes at each event. Watch for e-mail and web site announcements and volunteer if you have the time and confidence to haul officials to observe the bicycle phase of these events.
President Ledgerwood gave an update on the recovery of Andy Clark, and thanks members who have donated time and/or money to the family.
She reminded attendees to submit recommendations for a new modern logo for the club.
There being no additional business, Margie thanked Webb and Cindy for hosting the meeting and adjourned the meeting.

Bob Conley, Secretary