2015 BMWMOA Mileage Contest

Good afteernoon

Well I was able to pick up a few more forms today at Shapiro’s for breakfast, so thanks to those who made it down… 🙂

I have accounted for 43 members who are entered in the 2015 MOA mileage contest. That is great, I appreciate the response!!! The MOA mileage contest which is basically a free participation contest, will publish the results for all who enter and also complete the ending mileage form in October in the April MOA 2016 edition. Those who mail in the ending form will receive a participation pin from MOA as well.

I have quite a few new members who have joined in this year, and I dont have information for a number of club members who usually participate, Its not too late to mail in your own form in, just drop me a note about your BMW bike info or bikes and the starting mileage for each. I will publish the starting list next week after I can confirm everyone who entered.

Thanks again for participating, Did I mention its not too late to join in?