Service done.

Since I am trading in, I did a full service:

Engine oil
Gear box Oil
Rear differential oil
Generator belt
Spark plugs (new)
Changed valve shim
Brakes are good front and back
New brake fluid
Throttle cable adjusted
Air filter

Someone will get a well-serviced bike.

This bike already has:

Extra loud horn
HID head lamps
LED crash bar lights
Hepco-Becker Crash bars
Extra brake lights
Side cases and top case

41,200 miles

Some say I have carried over 2,000 pounds luggage on this bike 😉



2 thoughts on “Service done.

  1. Bob Conley

    Generator Belt,,, I’m impressed. I have several crowbars out here on the farm. Next time you need some leverage, just ask.

  2. Dominick LoDuca

    Actually the number 2000, is more likely to refer to the price to a piece or two of Jim’s camera equipment. Jim has been known to carry enough camera equipment to fill a motel room.

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