Guidelines for New Club Logo

Some members have requested a redesign of the club logo to better reflect the club. A committee was formed to coordinate the submission and selection process. Committee members are Bob Conley, Wayne Garrison and Theresia Shearer. They are looking to you, the club members, to submit new logos for consideration.

The current club logo is the checkered flag and a top hat surrounded by an oval. The web site banner reflects the requirements of the BMW Corporation when displaying the roundel or using the trademarked “BMW”.  The club’s logo can be used independent of the roundel and the name “BMW.”

In redesigning the logo please consider the following guidelines:

  • Should show something to represent the city of Indianapolis (we are the Indianapolis BMW Club)
  • Should show something that could represent motorcycling or motorcyclists
  • Cannot use the BMW Roundel (BMW corporate rules)
  • Cannot include the club name (BMW corporate rules)
  • Black and white to keep production costs down and for better reproduction
  • Should be simple and not cluttered

Prize for the winning submission – to be determined

Submissions due by September 1st.

Judging Process
The committee will select 3 designs they believe best represent the club and meet the guidelines. They will submit the designs to the Board of Directors who will determine the method to select the final design.

Following is another example of a logo (the moto man riding a guitar) that is used by the Nashville, TN club. It’s shown in the format required to also show a roundel and the trademarked name “BMW’.

Nashville Club Logo