As the 2015 riding season is beginning to start, so too is the BMW MOA mileage contest.

This contest is separate from our local club mileage contest; our local club contest is only interested in BMW miles ridden, in a calendar year.

The moa mileage contest runs for a 6 month period, and requires odometer start and end readings.

Start readings are recording on April 11, 2015. Please remember that you have to sign the form, and it must be verified.

Verification is done in one of the following signing ways.

By two (2) BMW MOA members, or one (1) signature by an MOA Chartered Club Officer, MOA Director,

Ambassador, Staff, BMW Dealer or Notary Public.

These forms must be postmarked by May 11, 2015.

Forms can be found in the April issue of the MOA ON magazine, or can be downloaded at


Forms will also be available at the Saturday breakfasts at Shapiro’s.

Once again this year the club will be holding the 2015 MOA mileage turn in at Falcone Powersports BMW shop, on Saturday April 11, 2015, from 10 am to 2 pm.

Anyone turning in a form at the shop can spin a wheel for a surprise gift.

If you cannot make the April 11th sign in, forms can be turned in at the Saturday morning breakfasts at Shapiro’s.

Forms can also be turned on April 25th at the meeting at Mike and Mamie Williams.

As in the past, the forms will be collected, and mileage information will be tallied by Rick Hansen.

Remember the forms must be postmarked by May 11, 2015

If you have any question please call me at 317-201-4952 or email me wgwhiterabbit@sbcglobal.net

In the fall this exercise will be repeated for the ending odometer reading.