January 2015 minutes

Thanks to Galen Reinholt for taking these minutes; sorry for the late posting.

Club Meeting Minutes: January 24, 2015

Jay Beery opened meeting by thanking Margie for hosting the meeting

Board of Directors:

The names of the BOD nominees were given to the membership to vote on to fill the three open positions on the board as of April 1, 2015. The nominees are:

  1. Jay Beery
  2. Joe Hochderffer
  3. Lina Rifai


Jay asked if any other members present would like to be included on election ballet. No takers

Club membership voted all three nominees in with their terms beginning April 1, 2015.

Next, Jay informed everyone present that the Board of Directors voted Margie Ledgerwood to become President of the Club with Wayne as the Vice President beginning April 1st.

Wayne & the club discussed the following: mileage with the club

The will be a high mileage rider plaque at the dealership. Our highest mileage rider’s name will be added each year.

Ring binder at dealership that club members can put children appropriate motorcycle related photos in. A member suggested asking dealer if we could install a video display in lieu of the 3 ring binder to attract people to the area to check out the club more easily than a binder. Club will follow up.

Dealership has rented booth at Indy motorcycle show for the club. Club members needed for volunteering to staff the booth. Contact Wayne if interested.

Club members were reminded to check website for upcoming rallies and events.

Banquet: Up to 42 attendees. Club committed to 60 so please consider.

2015 Monthly meetings: Hosts were found for all monthly meetings, except for October.

Send Doug Johnson email regarding the month you’ve chose to host so Doug can get it on the website.

Reminder regarding monthly rides on the 3rd Saturday of every month during riding season leaving from Shapiros.

Minutes prepared by: Galen Reinholt, acting Secretary, for Bob Conley