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New member Mike here looking for route suggestions for an up coming trip from Indy to Florida. I want to get there quick ( one day ) and easy but not necessary take the supper slab. Any suggestions ?





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  1. Michael Maley Post author

    Thanks for the replies , I am going to central Florida (ocala) and it looks like a lot of super slab. With that said how about in put on road conditions construction and speed traps to look out for on 65 /24/75 or 74/75 all the way down?

  2. Doug Johnson

    Hi Mike, welcome!
    Don’t know what area of FL you’re headed for, but if it’s the Panama City area, US231 south out of Montgomery, AL is a very nice divided highway in great condition. Very scenic and lots of options for food and fuel. Montgomery is an easy 9 hrs via I-65; I don’t know any faster way other than interstate to get that close. Lots of congestion around Louisville, Nashville, and Birmingham. Feel free to contact me for further details if interested.

    1. Bob Conley

      Doug is right. There’s just no way to get anywhere in FL in one day, daylight, without doing at least 8 hours on the slab.

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