April Ride to Blue Licks State Resort Park

This Spring I will put together another 2-3 day trip to Blue Licks State Resort Park.  The Kentucky State Park is located generally South of Cincinnati in a rural setting characterized by farms and curvy roads with lots of nice pavement. http://parks.ky.gov/parks/resortparks/blue_licks/ There are several nice features of riding to Blue Licks.  Well kept rooms, nice scenery, dinner and breakfast onsite.  Another great feature is you can ride the Interstate to the area in less than three hours, then hit great roads all afternoon after a light lunch of Cinncinnati style chili.

Here are my plans:

The trip date will be in April or early May during a favorable weather window.  The trip will occur Monday through Friday.  The duration of the trip will be one or two nights out depending on each rider’s preference.   We will travel to the site in groups of four or less with designated leaders who are familiar with the area. You may travel on your own if you wish.

The final arrangements will not be made for this trip until about two days prior to departure, in order to insure a more reliable weather forecast. I will book rooms for two adults, or one adult if you can’t get along with a roommate. Room cost is about $70/night.

If you are interested in participating in this ride, send your e-mail address to rsconley@aol.com.

When the date is finalized, I will notify interested parties by e-mail, expecting a reply within 24 hours so reservations can be made at the inn and group riding arrangements can be set up. There is no financial commitment unless you reply following the e-mail message your intention to participate.  After that you will be expected to pay for your room.  It is recommended you pick your roommate in advance. That will make my job easier.

I assure you you won’t be disappointed if you enjoy curves, low traffic, and a well lubricated debriefing prior to dinner.

Bob Conley