Continuing the Indy Club winning tradition

Hi folks,

I’m here at the Swamp Scooter Rally in Lafayette, Louisiana and wanted everyone to know the famous Indy Club winning tradition is alive and well even this far south.  I won a bike !!   This rally is famous for it’s amazing food, both around the area and at the rally itself.  The yearly Gumbo Cook-off features nine groups all vying for the title of best Gumbo at the rally, and all nine entries are amazing.  Breakfast each morning includes food you probably have never heard of and that you probably don’t want to know the ingredients of, but that you’ll go back for seconds if there is any chance to do so.  Next year make plans to get to this amazing rally and if you are worried about weather, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, just put the bike on a trailer and drive south until you feel safe !!!


Rick Nelson, wandering again on the way to Florida.



1917 Model F Harley Davidson “in Military Drab, the snappiest and most attractive color ever used on a motorcycle”