2 thoughts on “RT seats

  1. Theresia Shearer

    No direct contact with the manufacturers but direct contact with seats from both manufacturers (pun intended).

    Had a Corbin on my K75S and currently have a Corbin on my FZ1. I love them with a couple of caveats…
    Both seats covers started delaminating at over 80,000. The FZ1 seat is narrower in front which means I get more leg down. The flip side is that it tips you toward the tank.
    The K75S came with a Corbin and I bought the FZ1 saddle through Craig’s List.

    Archey has a Sargent seat with 70,000 and no hint of delamination. It’s wider and flatter than the Corbin. The Sargent came on my 2nd FZ1 and since I retained the Corbin from the early demise of my first FZ1 I just traded with Archey.

    Neither one of us has experience with other aftermarket saddles but I very much prefer a firm seat, especially on longer or spirited rides. I can move around more. Because it is firm, the padding doesn’t bottom out on a long ride or after many miles. My bike transmits a lot of heat through the seat so the firmer seat seems to be also be cooler than the stock seat.

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