Monthly Meeting Minutes, September 2014

The meeting was held at the home of Harold Patterson.  Approximately 40 members were in attendance.  Great food was served and attendees thoroughly enjoyed the company and great weather.  Several stayed late into the evening to enjoy a nice bond-fire under a starry sky.

After Dinner, Vice President Jay Beery opened the meeting at 5:50 PM.  There was discussion about the consideration of amending the Bylaws of the Club.  The consideration of proposed amendments had been announced at the August 2014 meeting as well as the club web site in accordance with Section X of the bylaws which specifies the process for amending the document.

The Secretary gave a brief description of the changes and the reason for the changes.  Member Greg Miller voiced his objection to deleting the Honorary and Lifetime classes of membership.  He stated that these classes had been rarely used to honor service to the club by long standing members.  The Treasurer addressed the group advising that the CPA retained by the club to assist with the application to become approved as a non-profit social organization recommended suspension of these types of memberships.  The reason for the recommendation was that members of a non-profit organization should not receive a financial benefit and that these forms of membership create the appearance of financial gain as no dues are assessed to these classes of membership.

The Secretary stated that some members of the Board of Directors were disappointed that these traditional membership classes were going to be discontinued.  He stated that the Board could consider appropriate alternatives in the future.

Therisia Shearer moved that the proposed amendments be adopted and the motion was seconded.  Under discussion, Greg Miller stated he would have to oppose the motion due to the deletion of the Honorary and Lifetime membership classes.

The vote was taken.  The motion was approved by a margin of 31 to 1. This meets the quorum and majority requirements set forth in Article X of the Bylaws.  The vote included seven proxies submitted to the President.

Vice President Beery thanked the host and the meeting was adjourned by motion at 6:15 PM.

Note: The revised bylaws will be posted on the web-site.

Bob Conley, Secretary