2014 Springfield Mile

Again this year, I will be organizing a trip to the Springfield Mile.  I order tickets in block for the mile and the short track race, which is held on Saturday night before the Mile.

The Races will be held on the weekend of Saturday August 30 and Sunday August 31.

For those of you who have not previously attended, we ride over as a group Saturday, leaving Danville, Indiana about noon.  We stay at the Mansion View Motel, across street from Governor’s mansion in Springfield.  Prices are reasonable $60.00 plus tax for a double room. Most of us stay two nights and return home on Labor Day morning, which is a rain date, after breakfast. If you must, you can return home on Sunday after the Mile.

Cost to attend both races is approximately $60.00.

We have a great time, eating the legendary “Springfield Horseshoes”  and we like to visit a little traditional Italian restaurant after the “Mile.”

I am going to order tickets on July 11. I will make the motel reservations the following week.  If you want me to order for you, please contact me at rsconley@aol.com before that date.  I’ll front the money for the tickets. 

If you have not previously attended, this is a great spectator event. The race is historic, the winner was the national champion in olden days. Average qualification speeds over 100 mph on dirt. Rubbing, bumping and drafting; I’ve seen 6 lead changes in one lap.

Consider attending at least once, you will never forget it.

Bob Conley

What happens in Springfield stays in Springfield, NOT.