Tires Advice requested

Good morning,

I have gone over all of the receipts and service work that the previous owner of the 09 LT which came with the bike, My question is about the tires however. The bike had 16810 miles on it at the time I drove it home. It appears all the service work was done at Falcone as I have 3 service documents going back to the pre delivery inspection. No where do I see any receipts about tires, but I have receipts for jpegs, Russell day long seat, gps etc. He kept everything receipt wise it would appear.

The mfgr date on the tires is as follows; 1st week of 2008 was the build date on the front tire, Rear tire was built in the 46th week of 2010. bike was built in August of 2008 per the warranty sheet so I cant account for the date on the rear tire.

Based on that it would suggest that perhaps these are the original tires? (Metzler ME880’s ) the front tire seems certainly to be the original, the rear I am not as sure. Still have some tread on both and not to the wear bars,

Seems to me it would be prudent to replace them both based on age and mileage and just move on.

I was, had been planning to perhaps replace them at or after the trip to the MOA


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  1. Dominick LoDuca

    Brian Stoughton says that “dependable ride life of the tire”, and that’s what we’re discussing, is now about 5 years. He also said that if the tire was on a bike that was exposed to weather and UV, they should be replaced earlier than 5 years.
    Why risk it?

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