Sweet Onion Restaurant

I ate at the Sweet Onion restaurant in Waynesville, North Carolina on the recommendation of Dallas Peak. I had a blackened catfish sandwich with a local Frog stout. I have been trying to eat more fruit and vegetables so the Crème Brûlée appealed to me. It featured black berries and strawberries on top. The desert boat was floated in a chocolate/caramel sea. The whole meal was delicious and I was delighted to find my fruit for the day.

The geographic area is know as Frog Level. I asked the waitress why? She didn’t know. Nor did any of the other people I asked know. They were all tourists like me. If you are curious check here.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Onion Restaurant

  1. Theresia Shearer

    Loved the meaning of frog level – makes perfect sense.

    Not only did you get your fruit but calcium, vit D and some protein in the Crème Brûlée! (It is made with creme and eggs, you know) As an added bonus you even got the ever-important chocolate ration for the day.

  2. Dallas Peak

    The Sweet Onion rocks! Great food. Glad you enjoyed it. The creme brûlée looks delicious.

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