A Poem from the Passenger

A Poem for the Passenger by Irmi Burford (passenger extrodinare)

On a hot summers day,

Or a wonderful night ride in May,

With my husband guiding the motorcycle along through the countryside,

We always have an awesome ride.


The passenger seat allows

Body and soul to be free.

No more worries or hassles

I can just be “ME”.


I feel safe riding with him you know

I really don’t have to run the show.

I can read, I can knit,

Or maybe just sit.


The scenery flashes by my eyes

You can just look at the clear blue sky

The worries and cares of daily life

Tend to slide by.


Dream if you wish,

Or stop for an ice cream dish.

Travel a great distance or just

around the bend,

It can be something without an end.


The last thing to say in this little ditty

Although you may not think it’s so witty,


As long as we are together

We have a good time as

We are two birds of a feather

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About Steve Burford

Near 70 years old. Been riding since I was mid-teens. Been a lot of places on a motorcycle....like a lot of us. Europe, Mexico (back in the time when it was decently safe to go there), Canada and on and on. 44 or 45 of the 50 states. Ridden Beemers, Harley, Jap & Euro bikes. Worked on a lot of 'em.... Dad to 2 'kids' in their middle 40's, grandfather to 2 and claim 3, great grandfather to 3 1/2 (baby due late April) and claim another one. Married to a wonderful young lady from the old country (Irmi). Retired 15 years ago and don't regret a minute of it (retired life). In short, life is way past good!!!