BMWMOA 2014 Mileage Contest- last note ( for now)

Good afternoon,

Just wanted to say a thank you for those that came out and helped or turned in forms today at Falcone BMW. My thanks, to Wayne G, Rick N, Andy C, Archie S, Dom L and Galen R for helping out today. My thanks to the BMW shop for hosting the event and to the club for providing some refreshments. Gene gave away a few t shirts to those turning in forms today and were lucky enough to hit the right color on the Club roundel wheel. The MOA gained a member to boot today as John Qualls joined the MOA to join in on the fun.

Well I picked up 11 more forms today( plus one INDIANA member who is not a club member) so the day was a success from that standpoint. Now is the time to enjoy the riding season and catch up with everyone in October when the contest ends.

Next year, the plan is to hold this on the Saturday of the start of the contest at our local dealer, Falcone BMW with Gene and his crew, rather than wait until the mailing deadline. Perhaps we can consider doing an ending event as well?? I will send out an email on the yahoo groups with my final starting spreadsheet and notes.

A number of you are sending in your own forms and I also recorded the mileage for club members who live out of state, Nate & Kelly Cash, Rick Nelson and Deb Lower this year as they are still MOA Charter Club 17 members. MOA counts your residence for the State totals but also requests your Charter Club membership number.

Enjoy the rides, its the smiles not the miles that count.