BMWMOA 2014 Mileage Contest

Good morning,

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend, some of you attended rally’s, a few some riding courses and some playing photo tag.

The mailing deadline for the 2014 BMWMOA Mileage contest is a week from today.

I have 28 forms in hand at this point and have dutifully recorded that information on my own spreadsheet for 2014. There are a number of you whom have participated in the past who have yet to complete and turn in your forms. This Saturday marks the last chance to get me your forms, have them witnessed etc.

Falcone Powersports and the Indy BMW Club is hosting a sign up or turn your forms in to me on Saturday May 10th. Anyone turning in their forms or having their forms witnessed is eligible to take their chances on the BMW wheel of fortune for a chance at a t-shirt ,compliments of Gene. The Indy BMW Club is providing refreshments, bottled water and cookies and Jeff and Gene will have the coffee on too.

The event is from 10-3 at the dealership and is open to all Indiana BMWMOA members whether they are Indy Club members or not. Time to move Indiana up on the ranks of this fun participation event the BMWMOA sponsors. Gene/ Jeff are welcome to post this on their web page or an email blast to their BMW Customers and riders. It may present us with a chance to increase our membership as well as a few of us will be on hand to answer questions about the club as well.

Anyway thanks for completing your forms and getting them to me, I hope you will still consider stopping on down this Saturday for some refreshments and thank Gene, Jeff and the crew for supporting us in this endeavor.