Indy BMW Club Photo Tag Game Update

Hey All,

I just wanted to say thanks for the interest in the Photo Tag game so far.  It’s been going since April 1st, and we’ve had 6 people participate so far with 8 tag locations.  We’ve seen some cool places already and even a nice cinnamon roll.

I quickly threw together the info to date into a web site linked below.  If you want to play along, only look at the Photo Tag page and it shouldn’t have any spoilers as to where the location is located.  The found page tells about the location if any was posted after it was found, and has its location listed.  There’s also a link to a google map with all the locations marked with the original tag photo.

The year’s first BMW rally is this weekend.  It’s in Michigan, but always a good way to move the tag around on the way to or from a rally.  I hope we can keep the interest this year and get more people participating. Thanks again to everyone that has participated.  There’s been talk of prizes this year to go along with the fame and glory.  Maybe more about that to follow.


Andy Clark
Indianapolis, IN
2010 Yamaha FJR “FEBUTT”
1992 BMW K75
2009 Suzuki VStrom 650 (hers)
Indianapolis BMW Club