April 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The meeting was hosted by Mike and Mamie Williams at their home on April 19, 2014.  Many guests and members attended, most arriving on two wheels.  Comrades were even their on their Urals. Good food, good weather and good friends added up to a great day.

President Mike Williams called business meeting was called to order at 2:30.  He commented on some potential initiatives for the club and asked for feedback and suggestions from the members.  

The topics presented were:

-Members should submit ideas to encourage younger membership enrollment. (secretary’s suggestion: Fountain of Youth)

-Members are encouraged to post a favorite ride on the web site. A new category for such posts has been established. These ride descriptions should ideally include some photos and points of interest.  Eventually, rides posted by members who pass on to the favorite road in the sky, may have their ride memorialized. (Fountain of Youth sounding better all the time; it will be the destination of my favored ride.)

-Action Photos are encouraged for posting on the web site. These could be posted in the roster section . Mike volunteered Tony Johnson to photograph members riding there bikes.

-It was suggested that meetings could have a short program on Safety, riding technique, or other relevant topic of interest.  If you are willing to make a presentation, let Mike know.

-Gear gurus are needed. (Note: Wayne’s World)

-Is there any interest in using the website for flea market?

The May calendar was discussed:

-The Burkesville Rally is the weekend of May 16-18.

-Wayne Garrison is organizing a evening out on May 9 at the Ram Brewery, on S. Illinois Street. Sign up on the website. This is in lieu of a regular monthly meeting.

-Wayne also asked MOA rally attendees to complete the form on the club website so he can get a headcount. This will enable him to reserve an appropriate amount of space in the club camping/assembly area.

Guests were introduced prior to adjournment.

Robert Conley, Secretary