2013 BMWMOA Mileage Update and BMWMOA 2014 Mileage Contest Start

Good morning

I have just completed our final 2013 BMWMOA Mileage numbers as the 2013 contest results are listed in the April BMWON magazine which arrived last week. Our club finished with 34 finishers in 2013 unless I missed someone. THE ON contest is based on participation not miles ridden so its the number of finishers by state. We , Indiana, finished 10th this year with 47 riders it appears . Wisconsin came in first with 134 finishes and over 1 million miles ridden. Our club represented 72% of the Indiana riders and 73% of the Indiana miles ridden. We averaged 8601 miles per rider in 2013. Peggy Rose made the top 25 Female finishers list too!!

You may want to check your own final mileage on the MOA list in the ON news. I see a few differences in miles reported. Chuck Carter being one and Rick Nelson ended up in the South Dakota Listing this year.

Its just about participation not miles, so if you ride 1, 10, 100, 1000 or 10000 miles it makes no difference as long as you do the paper work. No cost and you get a pin each year from the MOA.

The 2014 contest starts on 4-12-14. Forms must be mailed in by May 12, 2014. I hope you will consider joining in on the fun, I will see if the board and dealership are willing to have another signup event turn in your forms day at the dealership again this year. So get your forms ready, witnessed and write down your mileage on 4-12-14!!!