Feelers for 70’s 75/5 ; 75/6 ; 90/6

Fellow BMW motorcycle pundits,

Since networking with you guys has netted me a lot of cool loot/swag (i.e. Tire changer, Carb Synch tool, flashlights, t shirts, rock straps, etc.)  I figured I would ask y’all to keep an eye out for me.  I want a hack.  I’ve been weighing my options on what to get.  I would like the Ural 2wd but their reliability has always been questioned and that is supposed to be answered in the 2014 models but paying 16 G’s for a brand new motorcycle with sketchy reliability that max speed is 70 mph with a tailwind isn’t high on my priority.

So I’ve been researching and trying to locate a 1970’s era BMW motorcycle to add a hack to.  I’ve been specifically looking at the 75/6 or 90/6 due to the disc brake on the front and the prices are a little lower than the /5 (probably due to that nostalgic article in the MOA magazine).  But if I get a good deal on the 75/5 I’m not opposed to that either.

I am posting this on the forum because all of you are part of my network.  Maybe you know someone who has one in a barn looking for some TLC (As long as there are no throttle bodies to synch I can fix anything). Or perhaps you know someone who restores and sells them (Mike?).  Plus if push comes to shove I have a very reputable repair person down here in the Raleigh Area who I’ve talked to extensively on the bikes, the hacks, and advantages of both the BMW and Ural.

Feel free to hand out my contact info to anyone who has one and is looking to sell or feel free to contact me with the contact info of the individual.

Thanks Everyone.  Can’t wait to catch up at the upcoming rallies.


4 thoughts on “Feelers for 70’s 75/5 ; 75/6 ; 90/6

  1. Nate Cash Post author

    Just an update, Mike Williams and I made a pretty sweet deal. I’m taking ownership of a 1981 (That’s a Great Year btw), an R100RT. After looking at the specs and discussions with a few of the top side car guru’s in the country I landed on this bike. The reasoning is because of the disc brakes all around, the 989cc motor and the newer metallurgy in the motors. This will help propel the hack and everything in it.
    I did get a lot of feedback from you folks and I appreciate the help. Can’t wait to catch up around the social network at a rally.

  2. Dominick LoDuca

    Are you okay? You do know that putting a side car on a motorcycle makes it lose
    The gyroscopic effect. From a physical perspective, you won’t be riding a motorcycle. Yes it will still be a motorcycle, until you get it rolling. Then I’m not sure what to call the process of safe navigation.
    I’ll keep an eye out for something.
    Good luck.

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