1963 R 27 for sale

1963 BMW R27
My dad picked up the bike off a bad debt at work. I restored it for him back around 2006. Spent approximately 8K to 9K on parts and repair work. After it was done, my dad putz around Fargo on it a bit but basically it has sat in his garage. This is his last BMW that has to go since he can’t ride anymore. I thought about keeping it for myself but my hangar is already to cluttered up. First reasonable offer will take this bike. It hasn’t been run in a few years. It wouldn’t take much to get it going again. It is in great shape

6 thoughts on “1963 R 27 for sale

  1. Robert Nevitt

    It is something I could enjoy. More of an around town bike, since the LT is made for the long haul.
    What are thinking it would take to be the winner here? Bob Nevitt

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