Awards Banquet Slide Show

Dear Friends and Mr. O:

You are encouraged to submit e-photo’s for inclusion in the traditional “slide show” to be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet of the Club.  These photo’s should depict riding activities, club activities and any motorad related scenes of interest.  

Please submit your photos to me by February 1, 2014.  While you may e-mail me a few attached files, I would prefer that extensive submissions, i.e. more than 8 photos, be sent or given to me on a storage device or CD.  I will try to return storage devices, such as flash drives no later than the banquet.

I am including my e-mail address.  If you wish to snail mail me something, you can check the club roster on this web site, or just e-mail me requesting my mailing address or phone number if needed.  My address is

Your contributions to the slide show, are what make it a success.  Chuck this is your reminder to send something in this year.

Bob Conley