BMW MOA Mileage Contest Update 2013

Good morning!!

I was able to collect 17 forms at breakfast yesterday thanks to Dennis, Wayne and Dom. That still leaves me with 28 to account for as of today The deadline to have the forms post marked is November 13, so still plenty of time to complete yours if you started this year!!

Steve Martin, I need your ending mileage for your 1200RT and the beginning for your 1200CL, Steve O is sending me his and so is Rick N, but there are a number of you I have not heard from. and counting upon as we chase Wisconsin riders this year. I will be at breakfast next week, or you can mail in your own,( give me your ending bike info and mileage, send them to the breakfast with someone else etc but time to get this round up going

If you have questions, please feel free to drop me a note or give me a call.