2013 BMWMOA Mileage Contest

Good afternoon,

The BMWMOA Mileage contest officially ends at midnight on October 13th.  So start to consider who is going to witness your bikes odometer reading, download the ending form at the MOA website or get it out of your MOA magazine for October.   I will start collecting forms in a few weeks but we have until November 13th to get them in the mail and post marked to MOA.

So if you have a last trip your on or planning, you have just 9 days left to add  to your MOA miles for this year.   The club contest ends on 12-31-13 and that can now be done our website here to make it easier to manage, Right Jim?!

For everyone who completes the process  and who started this past spring, they will be getting a participation pin by about March from the MOA,  A nice collection of pins can be had if you do this each year!!!


Anyway you will be hearing more from me in the coming weeks and I hope you a great year, no   matter how much you rode,  Smiles always count more than miles!



99 K1200lt

99 K1200lt



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  1. Jim Brown

    There will be a simple form to report year end mileage to Harold Patterson. I have stopped development of the automatic mileage calculator and historic record program of mileage. There is not enough critical mass of website users for me to commit any more time to the project.

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