Our short trip to Vevay. The Swiss Inn Bed and Breakfast

With the recent reduction in temps, we’d decided to get away on our little K75 for a much needed recharge.  Irmi came up with a destination that included some nice twisties, a unique Bed and Breakfast that was centered in an artsy/craftsy town.  There was also a huge car/truck/motorcycle show on Saturday and a cruise in on Friday night, plus a town wide garage sale on the weekend we decided to get away, so there was a draw for both of us.  The weather helped out so away we went.

Vevay was founded in 1802 by Swiss immigrants intending on cultivating grapes and producing wine. It was named after the Swiss town of the same name where some of the first residents had resided ‘back in the day’. Vevay has a reputation as being home of the first commercial winery in the United States and still has an operating winery in the area. The town annually hosts it’s Swiss Wine Festival the last weekend in August. 

This town has been through it’s ups and downs and currently has just under 2000 people calling it home.  Situated on the banks of the Ohio river, it’s a destination point for folks wanting to unwind and enjoy so many great roads, a casino (Belterra Resort and Casino is just up the river) and a slower pace of life.  There are some really unique restaurants and shops that line the main roads of town.

Some twisty roads and a stop for breakfast at a little restaurant we’ve frequented before in Hope, IN got us to the Vevay Swiss Inn early Friday afternoon.  Stacy is the owner and was in the huge greeting/living room of the Inn when we arrived.  We were greeted with a warm smile and made to feel right at home instantly.  We both just had this feeling we’d found a great place to stay.

Clean, comfortable rooms, nice comfy terrycloth robes in the bathroom are a nice touch.  Tea and some excellent coffee varieties await the weary traveler. While they are still remodeling, you would not even know it.  This Inn is in a great location at the crossroads of the two main streets in town!  Several restaurants and shops are within an easy walk one or two blocks away.  We stayed in room 12 with a very nice bed and surrounds to complement the relaxing atmosphere.  As a suggestion, see if you can get a courtyard room overlooking what will be the beer garden.  The street side rooms, while equally cozy and comfortable, do face the main roads so a bit of noise from traffic will be evident during the day.  As this is a small town, the ‘traffic’ isn’t much to deal with and disappears during the late evening.

swiss inn, present

The building has a long and storied past dating back more than 200 years.  The Inn claims to be the longest continually operating Inn in Indiana.  The three story Inn was originally built in the early 1800’s as an Inn and was called the LeClerc House.  As you checked in, you were given a candle so you could find your room at night.  The location was also known for the owners French cooking.

swiss inn, of old

Though the business on the northeast corner of the intersection of state route 56 and 156,  changed names several times over the years, one thing remained constant – the building served as a place for travelers to stay while passing through Vevay and SwitzerlandCounty.

Their web site is http://www.vevayswissinn.com.  They are located right in the middle of town at 100 E. Main Street in ‘downtown’ Vevay.  Contact phone number is 812.221.1041.  Reservations and checking for availability are easy to do via their web site.

Photos used courtesy of the Tourism Dept of Vevay.

As we were both tired from life in general and the trip, a nap ensued (ain’t life grand!!).  Afterwards, a stroll through town and a short walk down to the park by the river got an excellent view of some of the cars in town for the show the next day and an idea of the layout of the town.  We met up with some of the local artists and had a nice chat along with a view of some of their unique crafts.  A few adult beverages at the local American Legion then supper at a nice Mexican restaurant got all the human needs taken care of.  The plan was to retire to the 2nd floor balcony with another adult beverage or two….but both of us were tired so a brief stop there to watch some of the cars filter in to town and off to bed we went.

Saturday finally got us awake (late morning) and showered and ready for the days activities.  Walking to the town park reviewed a HUGE car show in process.  Something over 370 cars/trucks/old motorcycles/old tractors/…well you get the idea…greeted us with an excellent splash of color and sounds.  Vevay’s ‘On the River’ car show was OUTSTANDING.  Remember, this is being held in a town that claims something slightly north of 1800 residents.  Man, the sounds for those big V-8’s rumbling by, the tunes being played by a DJ…weather was in the low 70’s…how could this ever been any more perfect!!  There was just so much going on, it’s hard to put it all in just a few words here.  Go to  http://www.ontherivercarshow.com/ for a look at some of the vehicles that showed up and for some information about next years activities.  Irmi hung in there for a couple of hours, then headed to the town wide garage sale.  I joined up with her again at the American Legion for an excellent ham and beans with some tasty cornbread late lunch.

Another nap ensued, then some adult beverages on the balcony to watch the cars rumble by as the car show came to a close.  We met up with some neat folks in town for the show and decided to head for supper as we watched car after car come up the road from the park.  A moving car show….how could it be any better?

A slow get up on Sunday got us headed (sorta) back to the house along the River Road then inland.  Friendship, IN had their fall shoot going on so we got to see and hear some of the old guns going off and watching the proceeds from the flea market travel by.  So many folks and cars in town, the walkers were making better progress than we were!  Glad we were on a water cooled bike!!

As with any motorcycle ride to southern Indiana, there are just way too many twisty roads to ride to be able to cover ‘em all in one take.  We generally headed north and east from Vevay and took both numbered roads and those that just looked interesting.  Turns out you can do almost 300 miles on a bike in one day and just cover one corner of the state and actually get tired of twisties after twisties.  No interstates…..

Home late Sunday (boo hoo) and a return to reality.  We were both ready to go back!  Great weekend spent with some excellent folks….great riding…weather was picture perfect.  Neat vehicles to see….how could it possibly get any better?  This weekend and it’s events are already on the calendar for next year.  Consider this short get away a destination for straightening out the twists in your lives…and we’d highly recommend a night or two in the Swiss Inn for a nights comfort.  The ‘staff’ (husband, two kids, father and who ever is hanging out there….that’s one of the things that makes this place so darn interesting!!!) will gladly recommend things to see and do, places to eat and stops to make for some entertainment.  Just gotta ask ‘em.  Enjoy…and drop us a line if you decide to go and let us know how it went!

Steve and Irmi Burford