Nebraska Highway 2

En route to the MOA Rally in Oregon, Dominick LoDuca and I discovered a fun way to cross Nebraska via NE-2. We peeled off of I-80 in Grand Island. Highway 2 starts in Lincoln, but just parallels the interstate until Grand Island, where it takes off through the Sand Hills heading more or less towards Chadron. DSCN3679

Remembering the Club Motto. It’s mandatory that I mention a great little place to have breakfast in Grand Island. Sure, you could eat at Perkins, but who could pass up an opportunity to eat at …

Sin City Bar & Grill in Grand Island, Nebraska

Sin City Bar & Grill in Grand Island, Nebraska

Yes, Sin City! Anyone who’s stayed up way to early into the morning on Sunday after their Saturday night revelry knows this kind of joint. Downtown. Next to all the bars. That sort of place that serves a mean breakfast of the ‘reward yourself you survived the night before’. And we happened to be going by there on Sunday morning! Marriage made in heaven.

Hogback at the Sin City Bar & Grill

Hog belly at the Sin City Bar & Grill

That delectable goodness ladies and gentlemen is hog belly! And it’s amazing. As good as bacon can taste, and about 10 times better. Yes, it is mostly fat. Yesm it has calories–about 500 per 100gm’s. Dom and I had  heard of it, but until that day, we’d never had it before.  It’s good–real good. Anyway, back to the ride…


Nebraska 2 is a two lane with wide berms and generous sight lines afforded by the endless plains of mostly scrub vegetation–literally going on forever are endless small hills and very few minor curves. They say that with a few inches of rain less per year, this area could be desert. And the hills are just like sand dunes underneath.

We had little traffic and no trouble making good time the entire way. There are trains hauling mile long processions of cars going by the entire way.

Coal train running along side NE-2

Coal train running along side NE-2

After riding this road, I know that we have NO shortage of energy in this country!

Dom and Dallas at Carhenge

Dom and Dallas at Carhenge

And before you know it (272 miles), you’re at Carhenge. Yes, that’s right. It’s a must see. Located near Alliance, Nebraska. Built to the proportions of Stonehenge, there are 38 classic American automobiles in a 95 foot circle. Unique. That’s all I’ll say.

Northernmost section of NE-2 heading toward Crawford, Nebraska

Northernmost section of NE-2 heading toward Crawford, Nebraska

The last section before Crawford is the most scenic and enthralling part of the ride (remember, we are talking about Nebraska here, so don’t get your hopes too much!). This part goes through what’s ironically known as Nebraska National Forest.

From there we turned onto US-20 and headed for Wyoming.

2 thoughts on “Nebraska Highway 2

  1. Wayne Garrison

    Peggy and I came across hwy 2 in NE on our way home this trip.
    It is a very peacefull road, small towns and people to wave at.
    We were able to find a couple of curves in spite of NE.

  2. Dominick LoDuca

    My first ride through NE 2 was the year the MOA National Rally was in Missoula MT. Rich Nathan had been on it and thought I’d enjoy it. Back then US 36 was mostly two lane with too much traffic through Missouri. We were thrilled to be on a great road with little or no traffic. NE 2 is still that way today.

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